Active Living Charter of the City of Kingston

Active living is a way of life that integrates physical activity into daily routine. It is vital to Kingston’s overall health and quality of life. Active living reduces the risk of chronic disease, enhances physical and mental health, and brings members of our community together.

An active community embraces active living through active transportation and physical recreation. Active transportation is any form of self-propelled travel such as walking or cycling, that helps get you to your destination- either on its own or combined with public transit. Physical recreation opportunities range from instructional programs to parks with play structures to walking, jogging or cycling. Active transportation and physical rereation are highly effective ways for people to meet Canada’s physical activity guidelines and increase Kingston’s overall physical activity level. Active transportation and physical recreation are both important for active living, and are integral to Kingston being a healthy, sustainable community.

Kingston supports active living through:

  • Policies that direct mindful decision-making about new developments, neighborhoods, schools, parks, trails, recreation facilities, public spaces and amenities
  • Community designs that include public green space, and ensure taht home, work, school and amenities
  • Infrastructure taht includes reliable travel routes with well-maintained, safe sidewalks, connecting pathways, signage and lights; and neighborhood recreation centres
  • Equipment such as bicycle parking, playground structures, and sports fields
  • Commnity recreation programming that encourages healthy active lifestyles in recreation centres, community schools, parks and open spaces
  • Education and awareness to motivate Kingstonians to be active
  • Working together with people and organizations to promote Kingston as an active community

Kingston values active living as a key element in:

  • Maintaining and improving the health of our citizens.
  • Enhancing quality of life through social interaction and local economic growth.
  • Improving environmental health by reducing reliance on motor vehicles.

Kingston active living opportunities are:

  • ​Accessible – Participation is facilitated when physical and social barriers are broken down.​
  • Affordable – Free or low-cost opportunities close to home or work encourage greater involvement.​
Download the Active Living Charter of the City of Kingston (PDF)


Letter to the Editor: Opening up the road less traveled: City Council takes important first step to active transportation (download pdf)