Kingston is a great place for active transportation. Here are some resources to help you get started or continue your efforts in becoming less car dependent!


For Kingston Transit bus routes and schedules click HERE.

Cycling (Recreation and Commuting)

The K&P trail is great for recreation and active transportation. To see a map, click HERE.

The City’s bike lane map is HERE.

Bike Safety

Register your bike with Project 529, a nation-wide bike registry. If you’re bike is stolen, you’ll have a community of cyclists looking out for it.

To register your bike with the Kingston Police, click HERE.

Cycling Education

Cycle Kingston is a local organization that focuses on cycling education. Check them out HERE.

Common myths and fallacies about cycling debunked, click HERE.


Check out Sustainable Kingston and their initiatives to make Kingston a more sustainable city!

City Resources

Active Living Charter

Active Transportation Master Plan