Why We Work

Active Transportation has important environmental, economic, health, and community benefits. Here are some reasons why we work in AT:

  • AT use increases physical activity, which helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve mental health.
  • Reducing the number of automobile trips decreases road congestion and vehicle-related injuries and deaths and improves air quality.
  • Replacing automobile trips with AT reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • AT promotes independence and sustainable travel choices for children and older adults.
  • Providing safe AT options to those who have limited access to cars or other modes of transportation reduces inequity.
  • AT improvements are associated with more AT use, increased local retail sales, higher property values, more tourism, and enhanced ability to attract businesses and employees.
  • AT enhances quality of life and sense of community.
  • AT ‘done right’, as part of a community’s transportation system ‘done right’, enables all road users to travel safely.

Active transportation (AT) is any form of human-powered travel such as walking or wheeling, to get from one place to another. Our definition includes using public transit, as each trip typically begins and ends with walking, cycling, or another self-propelled mode of travel. It also includes using e-bikes since they can be human-powered, and like other forms of active transportation, can improve your health, protect the environment, and save you money.